Thursday 18 July 2019
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Check These Things Before You Hire A Website Design Company!

Check These Things Before You Hire A Website Design Company!

Creating the perfect website for your brand requires a lot of effort and time. Since this is one of those technical jobs that you cannot manage at your end, you have to find a reliable company that specializes in designing functional websites. Before you hire a web design company, don’t forget to check some of the things mentioned below.

Know their expertise

Some web developers are good at designing WordPress sites, while others are great at creating ecommerce portals. Every company has its areas of expertise, and as a client, you need to know if they can manage a project like yours. Check their website, so that you can know the range of services better.

Find more about their previous projects

Any company can claim remarkable things about their work profile, but unless you have checked some of their previous projects, it is hard to take a call. Professional and reputed services never shy away from their work reel, and they will be more than happy to offer references on request. Take a look at all websites they have designed so far, and if possible, call up a few of their previous clients.

How much do they charge?

Website design is a onetime job, and therefore, it is easy to get an estimate for the entire project. A good company will always offer an estimate for the job, once they know the specific requirements for the project. They will also mention a list of things that are included in the price. It is always possible to negotiate further, but getting a quote is more than important, so that you can compare a few options.

Will they offer free support?

Once the website is launched, it may still require certain cosmetic changes. In fact, you may need frequent help with the theme, features, and plug-ins. Most web design services will offer at least a month of free-tech support for their client, but more than that, they will ensure that the client has assistance as and when required. If you have a complicated website, you may even talk to them for a yearly maintenance contract.

Are they open to innovative ideas?

A web designer or a team of professionals are expected to share ideas with their clients. They must seek inputs on all the relevant matters, and in the ideal case, they should design a demo to take further feedback. As a client, you should be involved in the design process, and you also need to know if the website is user-friendly, responsive and has been tested for cross-browser compatibility.

Finally, take your time to understand the kind of website you need. You may have a few reference sites in mind or a few new features that you would want on the portal. If you are concise and clear about your requirements, the web design service will need lesser time to get the job done. Check online to find a few companies, and do try offshore services, if they fit the bill.