Wednesday 20 February 2019
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Five Handy Tips to Choose the Right Desk Riser

Five Handy Tips to Choose the Right Desk Riser

The latest mantra today is “Sitting is the new smoking.” With most of the people spending 8-9 hours sitting in the same posture, it has started taking a toll on their bodies especially in the form of musculoskeletal injuries. Adjustable desk risers are fast becoming a requirement for such people. It helps with circulation, in improving spinal health, and reducing muscle fatigue.

There are different desk risers available in the market. If you are also considering buying one, here are few handy tips to choose the right one.

  • Height Range: A desk riser, as the name suggests, allows you to adjust the height of the desk as per your needs. It is better to go for a large range if people are sharing the desk as then it can be adjusted according to the height and needs of various individuals who are sharing it. Different models come with different levels of adjustment. For instance, Primecables stand up desk comes with 12 options for height adjustment.
  • Ease of Adjusting: You will definitely not like to have a desk riser that has an adjustable mechanism, which is loud, disruptive or obtrusive. Normally these desks use manual cranks to pneumatic or electric lifts. Both electric and pneumatic are very quiet and efficient to use.
  • Speed: The usability depends on ho quickly it can be adjusted. If it takes forever, people would refrain from adjusting it often. The quicker the adjustment speed, the more the people will be motivated to make use of it throughout the day.
  • Strength: You might want to keep multiple devices on it. These desks come with weight restrictions. So, make sure approximately how much weight you would be keeping on it and buy the desk riser accordingly.
  • Balance Matters: This is the most important criteria. You bought a desk riser that gels perfectly with your office environment but cannot accommodate the privacy screens and other equipment that you want to use or vice versa. You need to find the one that is balanced in both aspects of aesthetics and functionality.

The price of desk risers varies a lot depending on these features. Make sure to check all the necessary features that you require before picking up one.