Sunday 14 July 2019
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Web Design Mistakes that Could Turn Visitors Off

Web Design Mistakes that Could Turn Visitors Off

People visit websites for several reasons. Some of them want to get information, and they believe that the site is an authority concerning that topic. Others want to buy stuff, and they want to get their orders soon. Regardless of the reason for visiting a website, they want to have a wonderful experience when browsing.

Therefore, if you run a business or you are operating a website, you want to give these visitors what they need. It is vital to have a well-functioning webpage that people won’t have a painful time browsing. Find the right web designer who will ensure to avoid common mistakes that can make people decide to opt for other websites instead.

Unresponsive design 

In web design, the aesthetic appeal is not the only consideration. It is also essential to let the site be responsive. If it takes time to load the page because there are lots of plug-ins or unnecessary files, people will start moving towards another website. The site also needs to load quickly even when people open it through their smartphones. Given that most people search for information through their phones frequently these days, you can’t run a website that is only responsive to desktop computers.

Using the minimalist approach

There was a time when minimalism was a thing in web design. When there is minimal content, the site can easily load. The only problem is that when the site has nothing in it, people won’t feel interested in browsing. There are ways to keep the site clean and organised without the need to remove essential elements like videos, photos, and other data. You can still focus on improving the actual design elements without making the site too heavy.

Disorganised tabs 

You need to make it easy to browse the site. The headers, sidebars, and footers need to be easy to understand. People should not need to go through a lot of sub-categories to find what they are searching for.

Hiding the most crucial information

You know why people visit your website. If you are selling products, you need to make it easy for them to select and pay. Hiding the order button deep in the site will turn them off, and they will decide to cancel their plans to purchase the products.

Lack of quality content

Aside from the design elements, you also need to focus on the content. There needs to be significant information on your website, and about the products that you sell. Include articles and logs that they might find useful. Don’t keep selling the products to them directly since they might think that you are only after their money, and not to help them out.

You can avoid these mistakes if you have an expert in web design by your side. Even if you know something about web design, it is still different from having an expert dealing with the entire process. You can ask for help from experts in web design Bristol offers to get started now and have a fully functional website that people will visit.